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+ How does it work?

Once you purchuase our Brand Design Kit, you'll receive a welcome pack with brand clarity assignments. This will be a short questionnaire that will aim to clarify the foundation of your business. Following that will be the fun part - the creative assignments on Pinterest & a few more questions that will really help clarify your vision so we get it spot on. Once this is ready, you'll forward your vision board to us and we'll do the rest - easy. If you would like to find out the finer details, please fill out our Enquiry Form and we'll be in touch to book a convenient time for a call.

+ How many revisions do I get?

You get 3 revisions. Once you submit your business information and your inspirations to us we'll get to work and within 3-5 days, we'll present you with a first draft of your branding kit. This will include 3 versions of the logo, 3 suggested colour palettes and 3 sets of typography. From the first draft we'll ask you to tell us which of the 3 choices you like the most and why. If you like some elements of one and different from the other, you'll have the ability to mix and match. After you've submitted your comments, we'll make another revision and prepare 2 further options for you, taking into consideration all your suggestions and feedback. Once again, we'll send this to you for review - this time, you'll get the choice of 2 logos, colour paletttes and sets of typography. Here, we'll ask you for your final feedback. You'll be able to choose from 2 options or mix and match to get the perfect look. Within 3-5 working days, we'll send you your complete brand design kit.

+ What if I don't like the final version?

It is very unlikely that you wouldn't like the final version as we'll be working under your creative direction taking into the account all your inspirations and feedback. Should you not like the final version, we'll ask you to pay a small design supplement and we'll make necessary amendments in order to make it perfect for you. This is highly unlikely as most of our clienst find their perfect fit at second and third revision.

+ What will the final product include?

You'll receive a beautiful keepsake brand style guide, similar to those that you can see on this page. You'll receive your logo in colour, black and white for different backgrounds. We'll prepare high-res .jpg's (files for documents and printing use) and .png (transparent for online use) - 6 files in total. You'll also get your colour palette with 5 main colours, including hex codes so that you can always get your colours spot-on. Finally, you'll receive 3-4 typography choices to cater for your Headings, Subheadings, Body and Accent fonts. Those will be delivered as files that you can upload/download and use as you like. On the top of all that, you'll receive a Visuable Guide to using your brand design kit to create your assets. Everything will be delivered to you as a digital folder that will sit within your client portal on our system forever, making sure that all your branding is fully backed-up and nothing ever gets lost or deleted.

+ Does this come with a consultation call?

Our Brand Design Kit Package is fully guided and you should not require a consultation call. You'll receive plenty of instructions and guidance which will take you through the entire branding process. You'll be offered an opportuunity to submit comments and feedback at every stage. If you still think that you'd still want to talk to us and clarify your brand further at any stage of the process, you'll be able to book a brand consultation with us at a small additional fee.


+ How long does the process take?

The duration of the first part of your process is totally up to you - you can take as long as you wish to go through it. We suggest that you move through your branding assignments swiftly so that we can start creating your brand design kit as soon as possible. From the moment you submit your inspirations to us, we'll have your first revision ready within 3-5 working days. We'll go through the revisions process 3 times in total, so if you're quick to provide feedback, we can have your full project wrapped-up within 2-3 weeks.

+ What do I need to have ready before we start?

Nothing! Our process includes an end-to-end guidance and support to go from nothing to a beautifully styled brand within ~2-3 weeks. All you need is your amazing business idea.

+ Why shouold I buy this?

Recognisable brand identity and visual coherance is important for every business. A Brand Design Kit is the bare minimum that you need in order to convey professionalism online and offline. The Brand Design Kit and all the assets within it should be used as a basis for all branded materials you create for your business - wether it's designing your business cards, creating your product brochures or designing your website. Brand Design Kit + Brand Style Guide that will help you stay consistent, recognisable and trustworthy to your audience.

+ How can I pay?

Get in touch with us via our enquiry form to find our about the pricing options we have available.

+ When can we start?

We can start right away. As soon as your payment is made, you'll be sent your branding assignments and you can start creating your vision from the get-go!


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