Communications Strategy for LeeLou Wedding Photography


I was in charge of online brand strategy for LeeLou Wedding Photography since they launched in March 2014. This involved setting up the website, social profiles profiles, coming up with a strategy and content plan as well as implementing and improving it over time.

I've selected social platforms that I felt were the most relevant to LeeLou's audience. I went for Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Facebook - because everybody is on Facebook and because of it's demographic perfectly fitting in with the audience. Twitter - for networking possibilities; Twitter chats are a great way to get to know other wedding vendors around Bristol and collaborate with them to help boosting each other's brands. Pinterest - because it's a No 1 resource used by brides to plan their wedding and it's all about pictures!

I have then created a consistent brand look across all online platforms and made sure that the brand looks professional and established. This allowed me to position LeeLou within the social sphere as experienced and respected Bristol based wedding photographers.

In order to attract engaged fans, I had to decide what sort of visuals and marketing messages I am going to share with the audience. For LeeLou, I went for a FRIENDLY tone of voice. So the updates all have to do with letting the fans know what's new and happening right now, mainly in very visual way.

Good Social Media strategy is a perfect combination of AMAZING CONTENT, PERFECT TIMING and IDEAL FREQUENCY. It's different for every business and it takes time to get right. I took time and tested various types of content, days of the week and times of the day to post to get most engagement and also the best frequency to feed the content in for LeeLou fans. I also integrated this strategy to work across all platforms that I used for maximum consistency.

What do I post? Of course lots of visuals! Visuals are THE BEST way to engage the audience. The current push towards visual content has data behind it. There is an evidence that image posts get more views, clicks, shares and likes than any other types of posts. On Facebook, photos get 53% more likes, 104% more comments and 84% more click-throughs than text-based posts. But I don't just post any visuals that I can find! Have a consistent sharing system that includes different types of updates that go with my visuals at consistent frequency.


Apart from the above, I integrated blogging and email marketing into LeeLou's Wedding Photography wider marketing plan. Techniques that I used have helped LeeLou gain trust within fellow vendors in wedding industry and turned them into brand advocates.

Here's Watershed (9000 fb fans, 17000 Twitter followers) sharing LeeLou's blog post with pictures.

Eastwood Park (700 fb fans, 500 Twitter followers posting about LeeLou to their highly relevant wedding industry audience. 

LeeLou generated a wedding booking out of one of Eastwood Park's retweeted posts and were asked by Watershed if its ok to share the blog post with all their wedding clients to promote their spaces and in case their needed photographers.

That was a £0 budget campaign! 

Facebook Ads

I use Facebook paid ads to generate leads that turn into sales. On a tiny budget of £3.50 per day (in just 5 days of running paid ads campaign) I was able to generate 4 leads, 2 of which converted into £3000 total sales.

That's £3000 ROI for £17.50 spent!

I carry on running Facebook ads for LeeLou Wedding Photography consistently growing the database of potential clients.


I often run competitions on Facebook in order to grow brand awarness in the local area and build an email list so I can then nurture the leads that I've attracted.

I sometimes approach local bloggers and influencers in order to drive as many entries as possible and further spread the word about the brand.

At the end of each posting week, I check my stats. I analyse which posts had the most and least engagement and adjust my strategy to post more of what audience likes and at the time and frequency that is most suitable to them. The more I post, the more I discover which content, timing and frequency is right for the brand! After some time of consistent implementation, once I figure out what works well, I usually add something new to my strategy and test again! This way I can always improve my strategy and grow my audience and engagement! 

And of course I don't do all this posting and testing all the time. I have automated it! For LeeLou, I found a system to follow in order to stay on top of all the updates to keep the community engaged. First of all, after I figured out the best types of updates, times and frequency I created a Social Media Calendar in order to be able to schedule all updates all at once and make sure they all come out at the right time. Automation is a secret weapon for consistently excellent sharing, day after day! But I don't just schedule and then leave the profiles unattended, as live engagement is really important as well. I talk to my audience, comment back and answer any messages they send through the social page.

Social Media can be thrilling and overwhelming all at once so the best is to start with a plan! Once you have the blueprint in front of you, it's little easier to know what's needed. I have helped many businesses to come up with a strategy to grow followers & engagement and generate leads that convert into sales. 

Would you like a bespoke online brand strategy for your business? Get in touch today!