Web Design for Studio Meksyk

Studio Meksyk is a specialised Food preparation, styling and photography company in Poland.

I have worked with with Justyna, the founder to create a unique website solution that will allow her to stand out in a busy online world and become a number one choice for her target clients.

From the very beginning, Justyna had a very good idea of what she is looking for and showed me many examples of websites that she likes. She wanted to position herself as passionate and skillful photographer who is able to create stylish and sophisticated visuals for her clients.

Website solution for Studi Meksyk, case study by visuable

We have chosen chosen black colour for the header and footer of the website as black is associated with luxury. We have gone for a very light font on the menu bar to finish off the delicate and stylish look. We have picked a scrypt font for her logo in order to give the website a bit of femininity and character.

Right below the fold on the homepage, we've added an image block gallery displaying a taster of her beautiful portfolio. We went for a variety of images to show of her diverse styling skills.

Studio Meksyk, image block in case study by Visuable

Under the image gallery, we have a short intro about Justyna and her passion and dedication to photography. Justyna is using her homepage to tell her unique story and engage her audience.

Right underneeth, we have included short descriptions of what type of photography she specialises in and what her clients can expect from her. We kept the copy short and snappy as her beautiful images speak for themselves very well.

Studio Meksyk, case study by Visuable

We have matched the galleries in her portfolio page with types of photography that we spoke about at the home page, giving the viewer an opportunity to see further samples of her photographic work.

Studio Meksyk, case study by Visuable

We've picked a beautiful mosaic gallery that is perfect for displaying photographic portfolios. This gallery comes with a 'lightbox' function that opens up the image full screen once you click on it so you can see it in more detail.

Studio Meksyk, case study by Visuable

I've picked the image of a chopping board and hearbs as a header to represent the 'working area' of her website, just like the chopping board is a 'working area' for a cook.

The blog is nice and clean with just a simple sidebar holding the email signup box to colleck subscribers data, thumbnails of featured blog posts and blog categories.

Studio Meksyk, case study by Visuable
Studio Meksyk, case study by Visuable

Justyna also offers photography courses for beginners so we've created a page with info and a sign up form to easily collect information from those who are interested.

Studio Meksyk, case study by Visuable
Studio Meksyk, case study by Visuable

And finally, clean looking contact page with contact form and company details.


If you are a small business owner, entrepreneur or solopreneur passionate about what you do and would like your website to present you in a way that is engaging and very visual then I would love to hear from you!  Drop me a message and let's meet for a coffee to chat through your ideas!