Web Design for LeeLou Wedding Photography

Wedding photographers need an outstanding online presence as there is just so much competition out there! For LeeLou, I went for a website with full width slideshow above the fold and full width images throughout as you scroll along through the front page.

Screen Shot 2015-12-24 at 10.06.01.png

Also, I made sure that all important info like pricing, portfolio, testimonials and contact details are easily accessible with just a single click as a top header menu.

Blogs are a very useful tool for wedding photographers as it allows them to drive traffic from social media to their website in a very creative and non pushy way. Therefore, I have put one such element with a summary of their latest blogs at the very front page.

On the blog page, you can browse through all blog posts as scrolling down. I have also included a signup box on the right sidebar to LeeLou that can capture emails of visitors and potential customers to receive newsletters, offers, etc.

I have created a simple and clean pricing page so that visitors can easily navigate through it and find important information. I also placed images of finished products on there to help potential clients envision what they would be getting as a keepsake.

I created a very minimalistic portfolio page, using images as buttons to click-through to galleries.

I have also used LeeLou's images to display their testimonials in a unique, convincing and beautiful way. It is very powerful and persuasive to see a a picture of a person next to their own words so this was a perfect way of doing it.

On the contact page, a strong call to action is needed to get people to make the inquiry.

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